Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Last week we had a hatching of 11 ducklings! They join the family of 3 adult ducks and Basil and Borage the pot bellied pigs. I took a few pictures on Sunday afternoon of the babies and here they are. Seeing all of the little guys made my day shine on Sunday! I wish i could have had a few more minutes to take some more pictures, but guest were on the tour and it would have been a little awkward to be inside the pen with a camera at that time. Maybe next week I'll get some more pictures. Enjoy!
Posted by Anne

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reflect on the good times

If this week that I'm having is going to teach me anything, it's that I must reflect and remember how good my life is most everyday. I have to say that it has been a stressful week for me. On Saturday my right hand decided that it wanted to blow up on me again and I couldn't use the poor thing at work all day saturday and couldn't go in at all on Sunday... Which was awful because i called in sick, but Carrie didn't get the message until after 11 in the morning, so she and Sally had to start setting the dining room until Jessica and Dani came in to finish. We had a full dining room on sunday and since i was in pain on saturday i couldn't do any extra folding, actually any folding for that matter. I had to leave early because it was dragging me down and draining everything out of me. So I slept once i got home in the afternoon on saturday and slept all day sunday as well. On Monday I woke up at 8 and called Dr. G to try to make an appointment to get it checked out since she told me to call her if the hand swelled up or got painful again. Unforchantly Mondays are Dr. G's day out of the office. So I called Dr. Barthell and Dawn for their assistance since it is the surgery site that is so painful and swollen. Dawn got me in for a 1:40 appointment that i was so grateful for. Since I've been on a combo of Oxycotin and vicodin for the pain i couldn't drive, so I had Jason drive me down to the valley medical center. Poor guy, he has been working so much at the new place that he's just worn out. Anyways, Monday is also Dr. B's surgery day, and so we got there on time, but Dr. B was busy for about an hour after we arrived, so we had to sit in a exam room for quite some time. Jason had some work to do for the restaurant, looking over order lists and figuring what he needs for the upcoming week. He got that all figured out in our wait time, and I got a little reading done from the magazines in the room. Once Dr. B got to see me, she said it was looking like another infection had found it's way in. Back on the Zyvox again for me, but just for two weeks this time. And once the swelling goes down she will look at the wrist and how I told her there was movement where there isn't supposed to be. That worried her. It looks like I'll have x-rays done soon and if that isn't showing what they need to see then i will need to get a CT scan. I have an appointment on Friday in Covington with Dr. B and Dr. G will be there as well so we can all be on the same page with what is going on. Yesterday was almost too much, i was about to have a breakdown, I was just worn down and tired and I'm so glad that Jason is patient with me, I was grumpy yesterday!
To make things just even more peachy for yesterday, as we were driving home the coolant light came on in the car, which isn't out of the ordinary for my car as i usually add coolant about every other week. Although the light usually comes on and dings and then goes off again. This time it kept on steady... We are so lucky, i can't even believe it, we were getting concerned, but as we got off the freeway the temp gauge started going up, and it shot up very quickly! So we immediatly pulled over and shut off the engine. Our poor car overheated!! Since the engine was hot and there wasn't anything we could really do, we decided to walk to the fish store on Roosevelt and try to waste some time until we could put coolant in the car. We wasted about 45 minutes before we decided that we would just walk home and come back later when the car was cool. I did not want to take the chance of ruining my engine any more than I already have, or risk Jason getting burnt trying to open the overflow bottle to the radiator. So we walked home and watched some TV until we had to go to a company party for Jasons new job down in Ballard. So we took a cab to the car, added fluid and went to the gas station to fill the gas tank. Then we headed to Sunset Bowl in Ballard for a little fun after a weird day. When we were to the ballfields at greenlake the coolant light came back on..... So we turned on the heater full blast and the temp stayed normal. BUT! when we got to Sunset Bowl and got out of the car there was a line of fluid that was coming from my car!!!!!! Something had blown and it was just leaking out! NO GOOD! Luckily for us one of Jasons co-workers roommates that was at the party was kind enough to come out and look and give us a probable diagnosis. He ruled out the radiator, and found that the leak was coming from further back in the car, so either a water pump, or possibly a blown head gasket, which he recommended a new car if the problem ended up being the latter. And another forchanent thing for us was that a Firestone Matience shop was right across the street from the bowling alley. Michelle followed us there and we wrote a note on what had happened and I left the key to have them take a look at my poor broken car. I'm so glad that place was there and I could leave it. Michelle was also kind enough to take us home.
This morning Firestone called with the diagnosis, which i was very sleepy when they called, so i think they said it was a intake manafold thing that needed replacing, and some kind of O ring for the oil something rather. Anyways, all i know is that it's going to cost me my good arm and both my legs to fix. That's what i get for not doing it sooner. I have no reason to whine about what i could have prevented. Like Jason always says, "it's just money" And it is. It was just a stressful day yesterday.
OHH! I almost forgot another fun part of the day yesterday!! As we got out of the dr appointment yesterday, I had to go get labs done and Jason needed to call in the orders, so we decided to meet at the car when we were done. It took a little longer than I thought it would getting my blood drawn because there were some people ahead of me. And so when i got out of the elevator I found Jason leaving the lobby, so we walked to the car and to our lovely surprise, the key was in the ignition! Jason had taken the key off my chain on sunday to drive to work since i wasn't able to go to work.... we had to wait over an hour for the locksmith/tow people to come and unlock the car. What a day, what a stress! To sum it all up in a few words...

more pain meds
keys locked in the car
car overheating
bowling, fun part of the day
leave car at shop overnight, wait for the news... :(
go home and SLEEP, FINALLY!
mucho money to fix anne's procrastination
hand is feeling a little better today
had to miss inventory with Carolyn because i have no transportation...

Love anne