Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26th, 2006

It's a warm one today! (this is the same post I put on I know) WHATEVER!)

It's Monday afternoon and it's a warm day for the Seattle area today. I don't know what the actual temp is, but maybe in the high 80's ? It feels so muggy in the house, maybe I shouldn't have watered all of the plants this morning... Oh well, they need it. I thought that taking a cool shower would help this morning, but ever since I have just been "glistening". Jason is very sympathetic and wanted to buy me a air conditioner before he had to go to work, but I'm doing ok. I found that I can sit out on the porch and have my little lap top out here with me and type to my little hearts content with the lovely breeze that we have. Plus, I get to see all of the people going home from work and laugh at them because I have the day off today. HAHAHA. I guess they laugh at me when i have to work on the weekends... We are all even I suppose. Jason usually has Monday and Tuesday off with me, but this week he has changed the schedule so that he is off when his brother comes to visit this weekend. He is keeping his mustache as a surprise for Sandy and MJ even though it is irritating him. He shaved this morning and almost shaved it off, but I helped him through and reminded him how funny it will be when Sandy sees him and how silly he looks with it. Only a few more days of the hairy upper lip for my honey. I need to get a few more pictures, I only have two and one of them is him asleep and i know I will get in trouble if i post that one on any public family picture place. My silly husband, I'm glad that he is a slave to "fashion" sometimes, he makes me laugh. Laughing is good medicine.

Speaking of medicine!! I finally got my Humira! It seems like it has been such an ordeal to get the prescription again. First I had to have the doctor call it in, then it didn't come, so i called the pharm. and they said the insurance needed a pre-auth. because the one I had on file was expired... So then I had to call the doctor again and have them fax the insurance co. Then I had to call the pharm. again and have them try to run the prescription again. They then told me that regence hadn't received the letter from the doctor... so i call the office again and tell the doc's assistant Kerry to try again... I then call back the pharmacy and ask them to try to run it again and this time it works! Yeah baby yeah! I get my drugs!!! right...? well....The shipping department calls to make sure that I'll be home to receive the shipment and be able to get it in the fridge since they overnight it, I called back and didn't get a hold of the person who called me, but I had a message delivered to her that i would be able to receive it as soon as they could send it. Somehow the address got mixed up in the transfer of the message and was sent to the wrong house. When i noticed that my card had been charged and I still hadn't received my medicine (which is weird, it usually is at my house, in my fridge by the time i notice that my card has been charged) I call the pharmacy back and ask what the deal is and they confirm the address with me (the one that is on file in the computer, not the incorrect address) and tell me that it is most likely on it's way and will be there tomorrow. Well, tomorrow comes and goes and I still have no medicine, so I call back and be annoying asking where are my drugs dude?! They say they will leave Shirley in shipping another message and make sure it's been shipped. I say ok. The next morning at about 9:30 AM I get a call from Shirley in shipping and she apologizes that it had come back to the Portland office and they are sending me out a new bunch of medicine because it had been delivered to the wrong address.... She asked if they had called and let me know and was surprised that I didn't know. Anyways, Shirley confirmed MY address and sent a new bunch of drugs out to me that I got on Friday morning. Jason put all of my little shots in the fridge before he went to pick up Jody from his surgery and all is well with Humira after quite a ordeal to actually get the drug to me. I took my first shot in some months on Saturday morning and it wiped me out. I ended up sleeping most of the day Saturday (which I have off now!) and slept until 6 AM Sunday morning when i had to get up for work. Then after plans for Paul's birthday dinner ended up falling through, I slept from about 5:45-6 to about 9 am this morning with a few hours of awake time with Jason when he got home from work at about 11:30. I haven't taken a nap YET today, but I think that's just because I can't find a cool enough spot. If i had a breezy chair out on this deck of ours, I just might take a snooze. I am trying my best to keep hydrated during the warm weather, and for all of you that know me, it's a big challenge. So I better go refill my glass with some water and drink it down, I think that I'll get a straw and make it fun! Yes, I am a big dork, and I don't care, at least I'm something!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun Weekend

My weekends start Sunday afternoon, when most peoples start Friday afternoon. This Sunday was Father's Day. I met my Dad, Mom, and oldest brother Thomas at the Seattle Center for our annual trip to the Washington State Micro Brewery Festival. In past years it has been at the Herbfarm and then for a stretch at St. Edwards Park near Kenmore. The festival has live music, a few food stands and of course lots of local beer makers offering their creations in small little souvineer cups. I offered to be the designated driver this year since I couldn't make it to Seattle until after I got off of work. I got there around 4 o'clock and all three of them had been drinking since about 2:00 and were well on their way to beer happiness. I was hungry and bought a HUGE burrito that I couldn't finish. Thomas had purchased extra taste tickets once I got there and had the last of the breweries that they wanted to try. It was so funny how drunk my mom got, she was a little louder than she normally is :) And she kept rubbing my back, it was endearing knowing that I'm not the only one that gets talkitive when she drinks.... Or maybe that's where I got it from??!! Paul couldn't make it to the festival (WEIRD, since he is a BEERMASTER himself) because he was finishing up his dive training for when he and Tara go on their trip to the Solomon Islands in a few weeks. He finished up with his class at about the same time that Dad and crew were done drinking the beers at the Center. We made a plan to go back to Tara and Paul's house for some pizza. We ordered from Pagliagi's (? or how ever they spell it, it's the place on 80th and LCW) It was very tastey, although I wasn't very hungry at all from that huge giant burrito that i had about 2 hours prior. Paul was so thoughtful on his way home and picked up some beers, just in case they hadn't gotten their fill at the beer festival. I think everyone that went to the festival took a beer, but I know Daddy didn't finish his, my mom did and I think Thomas not only finished his beer, but he also POLISHED off 5 pieces of pizza and a breadstick in pizza dipping sauce topped off with crushed red peppers that I added and Mom dared him to eat it all for ten bucks. He ate it and said it was pretty warm, I'm not sure if Mom made good on the bet or not... Funny what boys will do when you dare them.... Eat weird stuff, grow mustaches, get married! Oh wait, the getting married was me....
But Jason grew a mustache and kept it for over 2 weeks with 4 contestents at 40 dollars each. Jason won when 2 of the men dropped out after 4 days, and the other gave in this past Saturday. The story with the 3rd guy that dropped out for Jason to win was that he went out on Friday and was trying to pick up chicks and when they couldn't stop looking at the stache and apparently lost out on "some good tail" he shaved it the next day and my honey is the winner! Jason is now doing his "victory lap". I got a picture of the mustache when he was sleeping but I know he won't let me post that one so I have to get a awake photo before he shaves it. Although i mentioned that today and he said that I would have a lot of opportunities when his brother is in town in about 10 days... HE'S KEEPING IT THAT LONG!!! My goodness it looks silly. We were out shopping today and I couldn't stop myself from giggling at him for how silly it looks. But it looks better than Adam Morrison's from Gonzaga, i think that's his name. All he needs is a trucker hat and some cop glasses and he could be dressed up for Halloween.
We were at GameStop seeing if Jason wanted a new game with his winnings. He found a game for the little gameboy but also discovered the games on the Nintendo DS are very cool and now wants one of the those. I wish that he could wait until his birthday to get it, but I know he can't. I would love to surprise him with that and this new puzzle game that he was drooling over, it looks very fun. It even has Sudoku! The DS has cool puzzle games. I guess J bought the first Nintendo for tetris (I knew there was a reason I married him) and another platform for other puzzle games. So I know he can't wait for his birthday.
Anyways I'll try to write more.