Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm hurting a little bit right now... and it's not so much the arthritis... Sunday, Fathers' Day Sunday mind you, I happened to come home from work and see what a beautiful day it was outside and take advantage of it. So I set up one of the chairs on the deck, got a refreshing beverage and listened to the baseball game on the radio. My plan WAS to get a little sun and listen to the game then head down to my parents house to hang out with Dad. Unforchantly..... the plan didn't quite work out that way.... The refreshing beverage i grabbed was a beer and I had an empty stomach. So when I drank it, I got drunk... So now that I'm a responsible adult and knew I couldn't possibly drive an hour while intoxicated, I called my Dad and told him my situation and hoped that he would be understanding. He was. And so I made an alternative plan to come out bearing a gift the next day when I was sober and a good daughter again. You see I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world having a Dad that thinks it's ok that I mess up sometimes. Anyways, he told me to have another beer for him, and now being drunk and admitting to my Daddy that I'm a mess up, I did proceed to have another beer, and another and another... AND! not just the weenie 12 ounce beers most people drink, I was drinking the 16 ouncers! So long story short... 4 pints of beer, empty stomach, sunshine, baseball, sleepy.... SUNBURN! I ended up falling asleep after calling my dad, my best bud Nickki and my wonderful boyfriend Jason. I woke up when the sun had traveled away from the deck and I was stiff from the strange postion I passed out in. A little disotented and in a little pain I finally made my way back into the house and ate the lunch I hadn't eaten from work and promtly fell back asleep upstairs in my bed. I woke up about 4 hours later with my skin very tight and painful! Jason called when he got off work about 5 minutes later and I was a little confused and maybe a little drunk still. The worst part of it all is I have no one to blame but myself. For two days I had to wear the top that I was wearing when I got burnt so the lines didn't hurt so bad, and by Wednesday I could wear a sleeveless shirt. However today I went to the baseball game as a fan with my mom and we had awesome seats in left field in the sun all game long. Normally I would be so happy with that situation, but today the best I could I tried to keep my chest covered where I'm still red and starting to peel. But I could do nothing about being hot. Now I have these tiny little bubbles on my burn. I think they are heat blisters or something. Mom and I put aloe on it as soon as we got to my house and I found some vitamin E and have that on too now. As long as I don't move I'm ok, but goodness I wish I could go topless for a little while. I'll take my mom's advice and keep hydrated and keep appling the aloe and E. Oh well, game 7 of the NBA finals is about to start, so I gotta go!

With all my BURNING love,

Clown Fish

The clown fish using the flower pot coral as their replacment anenome, but today we bought them a new one so they would leave that poor thing alone... I think they are happy in their new smaller home, as they don't seem to wander away from whatever they want to shimmy and shake in, be it the flower pot or an anenome. The larger of the two clowns is a complete hog of the home... go figure that she is the female of the pair :)

My little freshwater tank with my tetras and a few other small breeds of water beings. They seem to be enjoying their new home and where they are upstairs with Jason and I. I got a few new black emperor tetras about two weeks ago and they are very cool little guys. They swim around with their heads sorta tilted torwards the bottom of the tank. The long finned leopard danio is still the "big fish" of the tank, chasing everyone else around! I would like to add a few more fish soon to even out the breeds in there, any suggestions?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Much needed day off was good!

June 6th, 2005
This past week at work was very irritating, i was grumpy and it was busy, not a good combo. Sunday was especially bad. I thought i was going to blow up at someone, but i controled myself and made it home. I was actually supposed to do inventory with Carolyn and Stephanie today. But when Carolyn came in to work yesterday I asked her if she was okay and available to change it until Tuesday, she agreed. I was just a little wary that if i went in to work today and saw some certin people in charge there that i might say something that i shouldn't, so i took myself out of the situation before it could happen. Otherwise things are fan-tab-u-lous!
Jason and I had the day off together today. We got a few errands ran this morning and I finally dropped the give away stuff off at value village that has been in my trunk for a MONTH! That feels good!! After that we got coffee at the Lake Forrest Park Rooster Coffee and headed to the Fish Store on Roosevelt. There we purchased a few new pets for my fish tank. I got 3 black emporer tetras. They are so pretty, they have a long fin in the back that sort of looks like a skirt tetra, but it's slightly shorter. They are black in color but it fades from the darkest point at their mid-section to a pale grey to the top fins. When they are stationary their heads sort of point downwards, which is a little funny looking, but they are very beautiful little fish. We also got a better light for my tank. Jason says it's nuch better for the plants and it does look more like natural light, which i think makes the cardinal tetras look more brillant. I'm also happy to report that my yoyo loach is pleasently plump on all of the snails that came in on the plants that i got from petco awhile back. It's comical when the loach swims around because he's like a pregnant lady waddling (sp?)!
We are also finally getting all of the empty boxes and give away stuff in the appropriate places (trash, recycle, charity stores...) After Mom and Dad delivered my dresser on Saturday (THANKS AGAIN!) I got inspired and did my laundry! Then on Sunday in trying to cure my bad mood, I unpacked and cleaned my little lillipution room upstairs. I have gotten all but 3 boxed completly unpacked. The ones unpacked i'm not sure if i will unpack them as they are my little knicknacks that can stay packed until the next place we move into I think. It's so amazing how much more space there seems to be in there now that it isn't all boxes and "stuff". I have also inspired Jason to hook up his computer! I put it all on the desk in a way that looked like it was operational, then he came upstairs and said in a very excited voice "you set it up?!" but I said "nope, honey, I'm gonna let you do that, especailly since there is only one outlet in this room and it's WAY over there" :) of course I ended in a BIG smile. So this morning he got most everything in working order and ready for his gaming. We even have a wireless internet thingy that Nick bought but doesn't need.
After we both worked on our tanks and got junk dealt with, we settled down and watched game seven of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, Detriot vs Miami. It was a pretty close game throughout. At halftime Jody and Jason went and got dinner at the little terriaki place down the street while i proptly fell asleep and didn't wake up until the start of the 4th quarter when the boys returned. We ate and watched the very close playoff game come to a dramatic finish with the defending champion Pistons coming out on top by 4 points. I wanted to see Shaq in the finals while Kobe was sitting at home crying in his beer, but it didn't happen and now the San Antionio Spurs will face the Pistons of Detroit in a pretty good match-up. THEN, finally the NBA playoffs (which are entirely way tooooooooooo long) will be over! We can finally focus on the important sport BASEBALL!

With LOVE, Anne

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This post won't last long!

This wont last long because I know when I'm sober I will delete it. I've been drinking, which I haven't done in this mood for a LONG time. I'm having a very bad self hate day. Too many things on my mind today and I probably shouldn't share any of this with the world, but what the hey, right now, I DON'T CARE!
The day didn't start off any way unusal or anything, but it just isn't right in my world today. Yesterday i was grateful for everything that came my way, but today all i want to do is disappear. I'm achey and tired and sick of being grumpy. Jason had a suprise day off and I all but ruined it by my bad mood. We haven't spoken much at all today because I'm a bitch. Why can't I be a good person on days when i'm around people I love?

Jason just gave me a present, I think i might just cry. Damn it, sometimes I hate being a stupid GIRL!

Good news, the Mariners just won! 3-0!!! Gil Meche went over 7 innings and gave up only 5 hits, good job Gil! Villone, Nelson, Thorton and Gudardo finsihed the game giving up only one more hit between them to shut out the Jays and win the series 2 games to 1. They have the day off tomorrow to rest and get pumped back up to face the old skipper Lou Piniella and his Tampa Bay Devil Rays for a 3 game series starting this Friday at 7:05 at the wonderful and never bad seat, Safeco Field.

My goodness it's been so long since Ive drank!

I have to work tomorrow. I have to clean the restaurant tomorrow. I have to put on a happy face tomorrow. I have to get prepared for it all tomorrow and get over this whimpy bad attitude I have.