Tuesday, April 26, 2005

We finally found a place to rest our bones!

What a strange day today was, but Jason and I survived and are very tired now. Actually, he's very cute cuddled up in the covers snoring very lightly :) We started out the day by dropping off the applications and credit reports to a rental house that we were all interested in. When we got there, the landlord had a sorta weird vibe goin on. I didn't get a good feel, but since i hadn't seen the inside of the house, Stuart and I began a little self tour. It is a nice house, beautiful views of the mountians, great entertaining deck, new appliances in the kitchen. Just a very nice place to live. But apparently the guy thought there were going to be only 4 applicants for the house and when I showed up he made the excuse that there might be too much traffic throughout the house... yada yada yada... We went from the floating on air feeling that we were going to land this pad, to feeling like we wern't good enough because someone else better came along... Punch in the tummy if you ask me. He said he'd call with his decision by Tuesday NIGHT, not evening, NIGHT. and he knows what our situation is. So it was really a piss off move from him. So we moved on and went to the other option. Wedgewood. Its larger than Mr. butt-heads house. Not as nice, by any means, but it's certinaly livable and I wouldn't be uncomfortable about bringing any one out to see it. The color is a little interesting, they chose a lovely 60's mint green. However there is lots of space for all our crap. The odd thing i found about the house is that the washer and dryer and in the kitchen, so it's one of the first things you see when you enter the door. But I think with all of our junk in there it will be homey and nice.
I also went and saw Dr. Hori, he is a infectious desease specialist. He took some labs and prescribed a antibiotic that will kill the bacteria i have growing, but it is a very expensive one. When I tried to fill it at the pharmacy, the insurance co. said it was too much, but Dr. Hori said he will fight for me to get it, because it's what i need to kill this nasty nasty infection. He aslo mentioned that there may be infection in the bone graft. Which i don't know what that eventually means, but it's not a good happy thing. The drugs he is prescribing me is a 6 week course of zyvox, i think that's what it is called. Side effects can be bad, so we are going to see how I react for two weeks, and then see if i can procede. If i can't tolerate it, they will do a weekly IV antibiotic. They also will be taking labs every week to count my blood cells, platletes, and my sed rate. a few other things as well. It sounds like it's a heavy duty drug and it could make me "goofy" But!! I can drink with this antibiotic!! I can celebrate my new home with the boys! We are signing the lease in the morning and already have one set of keys. We wrote them a check and gave them our credit reports already. Soooooo, unless something strange happens in the next ten hours, I will have a Wedgewood address! Must go to sleep now. I'll keep you all updated on the drug front in my world when I find out if insurance will cover these 100 a day habit they want me on :)


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