Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Night

I'm trying my hardest to stay awake until at least 10 tonight so i can actually get a good night of sleep. All week long i have been taking 3 hour naps, then not being sleepy when i need to be sleeping. The rain has been making me pretty fatigued as well. We were busy at work today, and it didn't help that I woke up 15 minutes after i wanted to be at work. I got there at nearly ten this morning to find that the Founders Room wasn't pre-set by the servers the night before. It wasn't a big deal, it just took me back and made the morning feel a little rushed. But some days i swear that is a good thing to get me going. I was in a good mood just about all day today, which is SOOOO nice, and such a good change for all of the people around me. I have to owe my much improved mood to much rest and fewer hours at the office the past couple of weeks. The fewers hours only sucks when payday comes around. I got my paycheck this past prep-day and it was so small! It was the size that it was when i was recovering from surgeries. I guess it's a good thing that next week the powers that be added a day of service. Luckily, i have been too tired to go out and do anything to actually spend these small paychecks, so it is all working out. It has been worth it to just be home and in bed most of these days, i must admit.

I got home for the end of the Chicago vs. Boston game 3 yesterday, and too bad for the Red Sox, they were swept by chicago in the ALDS. After the storied year they had last year it was sort of a whimpy end this year. But they were just plain beat by chicago. Out pitched, hit, and played all around. In the other American League series, the Angels vs. New York, Anaheim leads the Yankees 2 games to 1 with game 4 to be played on Sunday evening at New York. It was postponed due to rain today. In yesterdays game the Angels looked pretty damn good against the Yankees, they were stringing together hits and taking advantage of New Yorks mistakes. If the Angels can close it out on Sunday I will be looking forward to watching Chicago and Anaheim play for the ALCS.
In the National League the Braves and Astros played this evening in Houston and the Astros pulled out that victory to take a 2-1 lead in that series. The Padres and Cardnials are playing as I type. St. Louis has taken an early 5-0 lead early. The Cards are looking to sweep San Diego and wait for the winner of the Houston/Atlanta series. As if you couldn't tell by my telling of the series, i'm more into the American League series a lot more than the NL, but hey i watch AL Ball all the time and I am more familiar with those teams, can ya blame me?

On a sad note I think that the goby in the salt water fish tank is dying. He has been looking pretty skinny lately. I don't think it's from lack of food because ever since i took over feeding the fish i see him eating every other day (that's their feeding schedule). The goby must be pretty old, he is huge compared to any goby that you see in the fish stores. We bought him from Below Sea Level where they had gotten him from a long time customer. And I think we've had him for a year and a half. I didn't see him when i fed them yesterday and not today when i went down to check the water level and see how everything was doing... I gotta call J cause the Xenia didn't look good either and it has been so healthy ever since we moved everything into the small tank with the different lighting. I think the tank needs some good ol' Jason time. Like we all do from time to time.

I cooked! and it actually tastes good! I went shopping at the grocery store earlier this week and wanted to try my hand (finally!) at cooking chicken. So i found the smallest package of chicken breast that i could. Picked out some veggies that sounded tastey, and decided that i could cook it and put it on some rice. So when i get home i discover that i really don't know how to cook all this stuff together. Sure i may be able to cook the veggies individually, and i could grill the chicken if i wanted to, but actually put a dish together? nope... So i wait for J to get home and he writes me out directions on exactly what to do. Of course i talk to him when i'm having one of my drug induced talk athons. The next day i look at the directions and get nervous all over again and put it off. So when Jason gets home from work I'm already asleep. He comes and wakes me up and informs me that i forgot to cook and how much he was looking forward to coming home and eating some of the chicken and rice. After a little talking, and again I'm in a drug induced stuper, we decide that it's a good idea if i go downstairs and cook it then, so that if i have any questions that he'll be there to lend a hand. It's 3 am... I only half remember cooking... But i did it and it actually tastes good. I had a little when we finished cooking last night, and i had some when i got home from work, and it's still good! Jason pretty much finished the cooking, but i cooked the chicken and made the rice and prepped all of the veggies. The directions he made for me had cream to finish the dish, but we didn't have any so he worked his magic and "made" cream. Basically a mixture of butter, a little water and wondra. I don't really know what wondra is or why we have it in our pantry, but i don't care cause i (we) made a yummy dinner. It wouldn't of tasted nearly as good without his touch, but i have a little experience now and maybe a little confidence to go beyond pasta! I would also love to get back into the cookie baking passion. I've been wanting to make snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies. If i have energy in the next few days i'll have to do that.

At work today carrie asked me if i wanted to be her partner in pig care and training. I told her i would think about it. I don't think that i really want to starting this fall because of the weather, and i most likely won't agree to it just for that reason alone. But also i don't know if i still think that we should have them out there. THey are SO cute though. And i would love to have a relationship with them, but i just don't know if i can commit myself to them. I just don't know yet, i should talk with carrie more about it before i say no for sure. I would like to have my review, maybe i should incorperate that into my "goals". Another work note that happened today is about my tea production. Thomas and Ron have been working on new color tea lables for the herbal teas that i package and we put in the retail hutch. Today was the day that Thomas delivered em! I'm going in early tomorrow morning to stick the new lables over the old ones and possibly package up some new teas too. It's going to look so much better than the plain text, black and white lables that we have been using. Ron isn't happy with the sniffle tea lable, so that is the only one that is missing, but i can live with that :)

Looks like i will make it to ten o'clock tonight! I'm going to prepare myself for bed now. St Louis is still leading 5-0 now in the 5th inning, unless the Padres get something going they will be swept this post season.

Sweet Dreams, Annie

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