Sunday, May 20, 2007

Drunk thoughts!

here are the thoughts pf a drunk person. I hate Who I have become in the[past year. I used to stand f or something, bit now I just sleep it away. I used to have people who could stand up for me, but now don't know who I am because I ssleep the dya away. I may have cancer, I may be just batteling wit h my won head. Most likely the later, but who knows, I may be the one of those thiousands who die every year of cancer that you hear aboiut but don't rea;;y take the time to think about. I heard from a specialist that I have to see some one else to rule out all of thses other cases. One of them being cancer that my grandfather died of. The most healthy minded person I have ever know. The most healthy person I have ever knpw died of this diesease. Colon cancer. I heard these words this week as a reason why I have felt like shit the past year. A reason why I don't want to get up and battle every day. I don't know what to do except fpr numb myself. That is the easiest right now and that is all I can deal with right now. Numb, that sounds nice for the next few weeks until we know the answer is nothing to worry aboiut except for changing my diet and taking a new supplement.


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Valorie Zimmerman said...

I couldn't reply at the time, but now I can say -- I hope you are never so hard on yourself again. All who love you are aware of your health issues, and understand why you sleep so much. Yes, I miss you -- but having you a functional human is first and foremost. Eventually, hopefully, things will change, and you'll be able to interact with us more. Until then, please stop beating up on yourself for the bad health you are dealing with so bravely.

I love you.