Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The year has already come to the point again where we celebrate family and friends. We got a tree from Brunie and Jim Poole (Jason's mom and step-dad) today. I was so excited to decorate it (it came decorated but I added to it) It is a living spruce tree that came with a string of lights and the classic wooden children toy ornaments, and little bulb christmas lite ornaments. I added little balls that I had bought in a previous year and supplemented with ribbon. I took some pictures (some with Figaro sniffing the new item in the house) and even some with no flash and movement that look pretty cool, IMHO.

I already wrote a little ditty about Oscar and now I think that I should be thinking about going to bed so that I won't be late for work again tomorrow. I have a very very busy week at work this week as companies think they need to celebrate at fancy restaurants this year. Tonight we had P.S.E. with 50 guests and 5 courses. We have a two big groups next Friday celebrating company parties on the same night in the main dining room.... that will be interesting for the employees of The Herbfarm. I just hope that I can get enough folding help to get through the next three weeks to be conscious for the New Year of 2008

I went to the other night when I was half under the influence of ambien and got about half of my shopping done. I really need to look at my online banking to make sure that all is ok with upcoming bills... hehe, I love the holidays. I am excited to give a few gifts that I bought that night. A few feel like "Man.....! This is what's left?!! Make a BIGGER LIST!"..... People shopped early this year it seems. Shopping the malls is nearly useless as it's just gobs of people and useless objects that the people I know have no use for. Not even for a laugh. Jason is a good shopper, he goes in and finds things and buys them. We have gone holiday shopping once and we found 3 gifts for family and 3 gifts for us personally :) We broke even that day. A good day. I think that we will go again and try to find the really hard to find people... like Ron and Carrie! And the people that buy everything they want when they want it. LIKE JASON..... what does a girl get that guy?! I don't know.... For all I know he wants a chunk of cotton from the old folks home because he HAS EVERYTHING HE ALREADY WANTS...

ok, now I am just getting frustrated because I want to make the ones I love happy by buying them things they want. And that is to show them that I care for them throughout the whole year. But things like CD's and candy and random toys just seem weird to me when I have had a few beers and have worked a full day (aka TIRED) I love to get together with my family and friends and close ones to celebrate the year and new things that have happened and are upcoming. but why does it alway turn into 3 weeks of stress and thinking of what does this person want in a material form.?! Why can't I think of this back in August and get it done early?! I hate last minute stuff. Something like making cookies I can understand making last minute, because cookies made in august and given in december are BAD! so some cases are ok.... But It's just so stressful to have buy buy buy in the 4 weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Every year it happens, it won't change either. There might be ONE year in the future, just ONE year, where I get every thing in order and December will be nice and stress free. But until that year comes.... I think I will just have a cocktail and sit on the couch with my sweetheart and watch sportscenter and stress out about how every year is the same! Better go to bed so that I am not late for another busy day at the restaurant Thursday. Love to my loved ones. I am thinking of you all. Some of you a little more than the rest (and you know who YOU are) I do apologize that I am not actually celebrating in person with you at this moment. But on the 24th and 25th are the two days that I will be with you and smile upon being alive. sorry if the gifts are lame, people shopped early this year and lists were short..... Love you no matter what I actually bought to try to show you :)


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Valorie Zimmerman said...

Sorry Xmas was stressin' you out, darling! I find the key for me is to focus on what I want, whether it is the joy of the person opening my gift, or the satisfaction of serving the food I'm cooking, or whatever. Staying in the joy, and out of the "should" keeps the holidays happy for me, even if I get lots less done these days. At least it all *counts.*