Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long time no write!

It has been so long since the last time I have written that it seems like I have to start over almost. Not that so much has happened to me in the past few weeks, just working a lot it seems. But the tragic happenings with the hurricane seem so overwhelming sometimes. It's so hard to put my frustrations down when people have lost everything and actually know the meaning of frustration and pain. Sometimes i just don't know what to do to help, because the need is so great and there are so many places reaching out. I found on one web site that the Humaine Socity was in need of money, and that felt like a place that i would feel very good about giving part of my donation to help. The red cross or the salvation army will also get another part. If there are any other places that you feel that are absolute necessary please let me know, i get paid on wednesday and would like to make a donation very soon to get help to the people and animals in need.
As for my life, as i said, it seems like all i have been doing is working and sleeping. I've been so tired lately. I don't know if it is because work frustrates me sometimes and i just get mentally worn out or if my body is just tired. I have gotten overtime twice in the past month and at least 79 hours the past two pay periods. I haven't worked this much since before all of the surgeries. I am really trying to listen to my body and be nice to it. I wear support on my wrist and try not to do too much at once with my hand. I even had one of my co-workers do some folding for me one sunday. I also have told my boss that i won't be doing the glass polishing because i don't want to reinjure myself and have held steady on that. I'm also finally!! not as moody as i was before from the zyvox. It seemed to be a much stronger moodiness this time around and lasted longer after i got off the antibiotic. I'm almost sure that the stress at work had something to do with that. We have just been so busy at work, I can't remember a day when we weren't busy. Which is good, i like that we are full nearly every night, but it is so tiring. Last week the books were full everyday but sunday, we were really slow in fact, but Ron and Carrie had a wonderful idea to offer a Hurricane Katrina fund raising dinner. For every person that donated 250 dollars to the red cross the herbfarm would treat them to dinner. So of course then everyone wanted the place as full as we could get it. We booked everything but the founders room and had 75 people come to dinner that night. I don't think all 75 were donating to the red cross since some people had reservations before the hurricane happened, but i think it was 15-20 thousand dollars that was raised. I'm curious to talk to my buddies at work tomorrow and see how the evening went.
This coming work week is going to be a busy one as well, but not as crazy busy as the past few weeks. The menu we are running is just a pain in the ass. It's called Rouge Bins and Bottle Booty. Ron and Christine had the idea a few years back to have a theme where they could sorta raid the cellar and get rid of some odds and ends. It was that was for the first two years, but this year it's the same wines they are serving all weekend long. So i say boot the booty menu for next year and same with the red head menu, That one should only be six courses.
Drugs are starting to take effect and my keys feel funny, like they are all wiggly and wobbley
We are going to be having a dining room meeting on the 15th which is next week, wish it was this week! I have a nag list, everyone is going to hate me all over again. Nag nagnagnagnag nag nagn nag ngan naf nag nag nag I:M FRUSTRATRED when I:M FRUSRTATED I'M SO FRustrated when , But i;m grateful I get FrusTrated when .... I get frustrated when... Very uncomfortable.

---((((( ok, a few days after this post I came back and deleted the actual details of my frustrations. Sometimes I think the computer needs to be taken away from me when i get sleepy, no matter how entertaining it may be when i return to see my mind sputtered out online for anyone to fall upon and read. Not that i should be embarassed or anything, but sometimes i believe it can be better to be a little less "out there"))))))) ----

Although, i'm NOT at all frustrated with the new cabbage chargers that we got from Italy this time. They are a better design than the last ones we had. aAnd the absolute best thing about them is, are you ready? They haven't chipped majorly and they have been in heavy service night for two or three weeks!!!!! It makes the entire setting and table look better. they are a softer look and each has a little bit different glaze job. Overall i am very pleased with the look and especaially the way they are holding up during service. Another thing that i'm such a dork about in the dining room is my doilies. We got a new shipment in so that i could start to retire the "faders" I took all of the doilies, in two seperate batche days and tea dyed them at home. The look fantastic now. The first batch was a little paler than i would have liked, but the second batch turned out so beautiful. So now we have new chargers, new doilies that are properly dyed, linens have been pretty good quality for folding, i;m getting lotsa hours which i guess means i won't go bankrupt trying to fill up my gas tank. I almost want to get gas every day becuase if i wait then by the time i need to fill up completely it will be painful..

_-_-_-_- if you havn't noticed, the drugs have knicked in and i'm having an amnesia episode rightnow_-_--_---_---

I don't know if topping off the tank is a good plan or not. I don;t know what to do, it's getting so high. I would like to ask if i can get a cost of living wage increase since everything is getting so exensive. The world is in a mess right now and i don't have the answers, i just have questions. !! Such as; why did the three bears leave the pourage on the table? what were they doing ? and what makes that little bitch think that she can come into their house and make herself comfotable and dip her germ infested spoon into each of their bowls!
stupid girl


Anonymous said...
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Valorie Zimmerman said...

Hey, my little darling, you are blogging again! So good to hear your voice. I wish I had a magic pill to make you less tired, but I guess the SLEEP will have to do.


The flooding and especially the tragic and entirely unnecessary aftermath is frustrating and painful. It is so hard to think of all the human tragedy, along with all the beloved pets who died or are separated from their people. It is hard to hear the details without wallowing in misery about it all!

I miss seeing you, my dear. Are we gonna meet and get our hair cut soon? Go shoe shopping?