Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 2nd, 2006

Today was a good day. Jason had the day off and next week he will actually have two days off in a row! That is the rumor at least, who knows what will actually happen since every time he is supposed to have a “weekend” something happens such as someone quits, goes on vacation, or they get an awesome review which requires him to work more to keep the quality of his menu to his standards. They have finally got enough staff and they are stable enough for him to be comfortable with leaving for two whole days! That makes for a happy wife in me at home. We spent the first part of our day sleeping in, as usual. I got up a while before Jason and watched episode 19 and 20 of Carnivale on HBO on Demand. (Carnivale is a very good series on HBO if anyone is interested in 24 episodes of good television) Jason got me hooked on that series and watched those two episodes after he got home from work last night and I was asleep upstairs. When he came to bed, he told me about how he watched number 19 and the HAD to watch episode 20 because to was so good! So of course I had to watch it this morning while HE was sleeping. He was right, they were good ones. I'm sad though because there are only 4 more episodes total before the series ends. I thought there was another season, but i went online today and found out different. Anywhoo, HBO releases only a bunch of episodes at a time each month, so now we have to wait until May 21 or 22 for the series finale episodes. I saw a few pictures of them online today and i think it will be RIVITING! HBO has made some damn good made for TV series. We got into ROME, Entourage, Six Feet Under, and of course, Carnivale. It's almost a tease though when they only release half a dozen episodes a month. But I love the on demand feature that cable provides, it has been really cool for us. Once the new season of Lost comes out (it's on ABC and NOT on demand) I think we might invest in the DVR that comcast offers. All in due time though, we will be living in a new place by that time, and who knows what the finaces will be at that time with my health the way it has been the past two years. The DVR just may have to wait.

Speaking of new places to live! I went onto craigslist tonight and started to look at a few North Seattle neighborhoods to see what the prices are. I searched in Maple Leaf since that is close to The Jones and there were only 2 offical listings for Maple Leaf. I also searched for Roosevelt and only found a bunch of apartments. I think that we would like to have some sort of yard for when we get my little dog. I think that it is a must actually since i know i won't be getting up and walking behind my little pooch with plastic baggies every morning. It's just not in me. It's still pretty early to be looking for housing since we won't be out of this house for a few more months, but i suppose it doesn't hurt to get an idea of what we will be paying and looking for areas we are interested in.

I am so excited to get my puppy. I think J is too. He tries to play it off like he isn't, and that he's put off by the fact of getting a weiner dog, but everytime moving comes up that is the thing he brings up, getting a little dog. He kinda says it like “Yeah, we gotta get her the little dog cause we got the plasma...” then he askes if we should just get the mastif first. He is so cute. I just have to remind him that we are getting MY doggie first, then his dog and he says “i know, i know, the weiner dog first, cause we got the plasma...”

We were at Scott's Birthday BBQ tonight and we were talking to Wayne about pets and them farting. It was so funny because he was talking about how the smaller the animal the worse the farts, or as he put it, their “poofs” Apparently Wayne and Stacey's cat “poofs” and it isn't so bad, but Wayne's mother's cat has a little tiny dog that lets the WORST poofs ever. He told us a story of the first time Stacey met the little doggie and she was petting it and having a good time, then all of the sudden she got a goofy look on her face and set the dog down. Of course I had to counter with the story of when we were on our way from Reno to Lake Tahoe and we were in the backseat with Crusie. Brunie and Jim had been feeding the poor dog hot dogs for some reason and she had these farts that would put your gag reflex in full effect! We had to pull the car over once because we thought that Crusie might need to do some business out in the wilderness, but it turned out that she was constipated from the hot dogs and we just had to deal until she relaxed and worked through it. I have never in my life smelled something so bad from something so nice as a dog. And of course her butt was in MY direction because she was so excited to see Jason again she had her head in his lap to get lovin from him..... THOSE were more than “poofs”

That's all I'm gonna write for now, but i took some pictures at the BBQ, so i will download them to the computer and post some soon! Goodnight.