Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Weekend is over

It's Wednesday morning, 1:50 am and I should be heading up to bed, I am even a little tired. But I don't want to let go of my weekend yet. My back is still bothering me quite a bit and it feels ok if I just sit and play with my puzzle books. It was SO nice to have Jason for two whole days! We went to the Seattle Coin Shop and bought some silver today. It has doubled in price since last September! I bought Jason a 10 ounce silver bar for our anniversary last year and today he bought 15 ounces, so he is starting to build his “retirement fund” as he calls it. He said it is the funnest way to save ever! And although i wish that he could save in an old fashioned way sometimes, I will take what i can get!! He is spending money, but someday I suppose we can cash it in if we need to or if the price keeps on the rise than we can trade it in for larger bars?... I dunno, he is happy with his new toys and i guess that is what matters. I like him to be happy and to have him clinking his silver for a few days is ok with me! He keeps on talking about wanting gold, but gold is getting soooooo expensive. I was watching my jewelry shows today and they announced that gold has gone over 700.00 an ounce! It was at 680.00 last week. Crazy stuff in the precious metals these days. I should have pushed Jason to buy me a big old white gold ring last year when the prices were a little better! Maybe that should be my angle now, buy before it gets any higher!! Yeah, I like that idea!!! Anyways, after we bought the silver at Jason favorite store, we headed to the University Village and went to Barnes and Noble. We spent quite a bit of time there just browsing. I got two new puzzle books, one sudoku and one acrostic puzzle book. Both are very addictive and help keep my mind fresh and thinking. I also picked up the new Anita Shrive book that finally came out on paperback, A Wedding in December. I also found a book on flower arranging and general info about florals that i wanted, but didn't buy there, i went onto amazon and found it used for I think 2.39, a bargain! After the bookstore we needed to go home because walking was very painful for me and i needed to get some heat and rest to my back. AND it was nearing baseball time so we needed to head for the barn anyways. It was just before six o'clock and the parking on the northbound lane was almost allowed, but not quite, so we decided to go to the store and pick up some things that we needed for the house. We went to Rite Aid and i tend to find way too many items to buy there..... I was browsing and finding things that i could use, but defiantly don't need, so I insisted that we leave promptly. We arrived home at half past six and Jody was playing the 360, of course Jason joined him and i grabbed my new puzzle book and headed for the other game room to watch the ball game.

Good baseball game! The Mariners beat the Devil Rays 8-1 with a great pitching performance by Felix Hernandez and Rafael Sorriano. I have to admit that i did fall asleep during the sixth inning right after Carl Everett hit a home run. I have been so sleepy the last few weeks. I just can't stay awake. This week is going to be hard hard hard. Not only are we serving on Thursday this week and starting all summer long, we are serving lunch on Sunday and we have a small private party on Monday. So there are 5 SERVICE days plus a prep-day. I need to talk to Carrie and tell her that I just can't do it. Last week just about did me in and that was a short week. And I had a helper everyday that i worked! I think i do need to retire. Jason is right. I at least need to take some time off. And NOT work while on vacation like i did during the break. Whatever, it will all work itself out in time, i just have to make it through, and i always do. Just one day or week at a time. It will be easier now that J has a true weekend every week now. I won't feel so bad for him working his tail off all of the time. He already seems so much more relaxed and happier. I think that also has something to do with the premium gaming/entertainment center that we have. It was so funny, i was watching the game on the TV in the play station room and the Mariners scored, so Jason came in to watch the replay and he laughed at the TV. It is a 27” and it does seem small compared to what we have now, but a month ago we were watching a TV that was only a few inches larger than that 27” and it seemed large. Now we just laugh, we love the new plasma so much. It already fits in to our house so well. And the x-box games are so impressive on it. The cable upgrade that we got is amazing as well. I didn't think it could make that much of a difference for the regular channels, but it is so much better. It almost looks HD, not quite as nice, but so much better than what the old cable box gave us. We have a good entertainment center going on. We are very very lucky.

I've gotten back on my baking thing again. I made another angel food cake and bought more strawberries to go with it this weekend. I also made banana bread last week that was so tasty. I brought some into work for Ashley and Joe and the same day Sara had baked muffins and given them to Steve to bring in for us, so i had a little contest, mine was SO much better! Not to brag, but it was just better flavor and hers had walnuts and chocolate chips. In my personal opinion, banana bread or banana muffins shouldn't have either chocolate chips or nuts of any kind. So that's why mine were better. But it also had a better texture and over all flavor, so never mind, i will be cocky and say that mine beat hers fair and square! I have been wanting to make cookies ever since we got the kitchen aid back from The Jones a few months ago, but I just haven't done it yet. I would also like to try to make a cake from scratch, which I can't imagine is too difficult, I just have not ever done it before. I made waffles this morning to use some of the massive amount of strawberries that we have. Those were good, I added cinnamon to the batter. I have had a craving for cinnamon lately. They were good, i put so many strawberries on there it was like the waffle was buried, as it should be! I also want to try my hand again at baking bread, yeasted bread. I have had bad luck with recipes containing yeast in the past. So i would like to conquer that one and make some yummy warm fresh bread. There is nothing better than warm bread from the oven with some butter..... yummy!

I guess I had better be a good adult and try to go to sleep now, at least go up to bed and pretend that I'm going to try to sleep. It would be good for the people around me tomorrow. So thanks for reading and goodnight, or good day if that is the case.

Lots of love, Anne

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Valorie Zimmerman said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, darling! I was hoping we could see you two, but I guess we'll have to wait. See you Sunday?