Friday, May 05, 2006


I had my review on Thursday afternoon. It was a good review, as everyone told me it would be. However, I came away with a sad feeling. I have asked to have them hire someone to help me on a daily/weekly basis. So i will be working 3 days, 4 days TOPS most weeks. Carrie understood that my body is breaking down and I just don't have much of a life the way things are going now, so they needed to change. She has already put together a job description for the job, but apparently we have had very few applicants coming by. I'm hoping that since school is almost out that a high school student that will want some work this summer will wander on by. I think once we find the right person I will begin to feel much better. I think once it sinks in that i will be part time, i will also be a much happier person. Like another weight lifted off my shoulders. We'll see. I will write more later, I have to finish breakfast and get to work. I have a helper today to get me through this latest bout with back pain. Tysan is coming in for about an hour or two to help walk the stemware to the dining room and set out the flatware for me to place at each setting. SO I'd better get a move on!

Much Love,



Valorie Zimmerman said...

I'm so glad she understood what's at stake for you. Your medical coverage won't take a hit?

Annie said...

It will, I just have not yet found out how much, I should find out this week and we'll go from there.