Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Back to the grind

After a few days off, it was good to get back to work again. I wish I would have fallen asleep a little earlier than I managed to (after 5 i think!) but I wasn't nearly as cranky as I thought I would be. I did sleep through the alarm then reset it with out actually setting the alarm to ring... oopsie. It all turned out though, as it always does. I got to work only 45 minutes early instead of the 2 1/2 that I would have prefered. We are having service for a private party of 22 tonight and so that means that I had to do my prep work with Gary and then on top of that do the setting and getting my part of the restaurant ready for the guests. I was a little stressed out for about 2 hours, but again, we banged out all of the prep stuff and I was out of work about an hour and a half later than I wanted. I really wanted to get out of there early enough to get to the Chevy dealership to pick up the correct replacement glass mirror part for my car, but they close at 5 and I didn't get out of work until after 6... oh well. Tomorrow morning i can stop on my way in.

I got to watch part of the All Star game with Erin and John Payne at Joe's on Roosevelt yesterday. We had dinner and chatted about baseball and what's going on in our little worlds. I forgot how much I missed fighting with someone about baseball. John and I are working on setting a bet on the record of the SF Giants and Seattle Mariners once Barry Bonds gets back from his steriod recovery.. oops , I mean surgery recovery and all those infections....

Fun news from the world of Jasons new place of work. The name of the place once it is complete in the change over will be called "The Jones" of course after my honey! Scott and Michele took Jason and I to El Goucho on 2nd and Wall on Monday night to celebrate "The Jones". El Gaucho is a upscale (to say the least) steak house. They know what they are doing there, and service is part of their thing there as well. I was uncomfortable with some of the tableside service they provided... The dude FLUFFED my potato! Get out of my spuds is all I could think. And they escorted me to the ladies room when I had to visit. Also refolding my napkin, which all I could think of that was ... EWWW, it's a DIRTY napkin, I want a NEW one! Overall is was a lovely dinner and the wine was wonderul, it was so very smooth and delicious. We had a Tomasse (?) some sorta Italian red. I had a the El Gaucho Signature steak with Lobster medallions. It came with grilled asparagas and a baked potato. We started the night with steak tartar and finished with (me, and Scott) burnt cream aka creme brulee, (Jason) pineapple cheesecake, (Michele) granny smith apple pie that was so tall it was amazing! I nearly rolled out of the place nearly 4 and a half hours later and felt sick upon returning home from eating too much. But when food tastes so good, it's too hard to stop shoveling it in!!! I have to say that was the high point of my all star break, aside from the Mariners sweeping the Angels on sunday! That's all for today!

Love, Annie

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Valorie Zimmerman said...

Gosh, darling, I didn't realize how many days I was behind on reading your blog! Reading it makes me feel closer to you. I'm glad you are writing in it again.

I hope the pred/humera balance can slowly change without you being in PAIN.

Love you,