Monday, July 18, 2005

In the Sunshine

I have to say that this is nearly bliss. I'm sitting on my patio surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, squash plants, and flowers. In the sunshine, i think i forgot to mention that part too. My day off has started absolutly wonderfully. I decided to test out the wireless connection outside, and it works! The connection is pretty poor, but good enough to let me type for a while.

Thomas, Mom, Dad, if you are reading this I would really like to thank you again for buying this laptop for me, it is so great! Jason still hasn't set up his system upstairs!!

Things have been pretty good for me lately I suppose. Not really a whole lot to complain about these days. Health is improving still. I've dropped down on the prednisone to 19 mg and have been able to stay without too much pain for over a week now. I think the Humira is really starting to do it's thing again. I was really tired when I got home from work yesterday, I took a walk after the 9th inning was complete and I wore the wrong shoes... my feet are still hurting from that, but it was good to get out and walk a little bit. I just made it down to 55th before i knew my feet would have a rough time getting back to the house. When I returned to my castle, I promptly went upstairs and fell asleep for a good 4 hours. After I got home from the bar at about 1ish I slept until 6 this morning before i felt like updating my mariner page. I took a shower and headed back upstairs to get some laundry to wash and was lured into taking a nap with Jason who was sleeping so peacefully still.... So now that i have broken away from the sleep heaven, I'm now outside in sunshine heaven typing away so blissfully :)

I finally caught up on all of the ironing at work which feels so tremendous! Ever since we closed for the spring break I've been falling behind with either stacks of tablecloths or doilies. But as of Saturday night I was completly caught up. I feel almost free! Now I can get on the servers again to be picky and diligent about changing out the yucky ones for freshly pressed ones. I also went on a tidy binge at work on Friday I think. I took over Carolyns area for about an hour and dusted the glass shelves, and put up new lables... As I'm typing this, I feel as though I have typed it once before.... oh well, I'm proud of my tidy area! It looks good, you should see it!

It's getting too warm for my little computer to be out here too much longer, i don't want to cause sun damage. And if i actually want to post this i think i have to go inside where the connection is better. So I love ya and hope all is well. Enjoy the sunshine and be happy!



Valorie Zimmerman said...

I'm thinking of taking Emily to Nordstrom's before school starts, so she can get some good shoes that really fit her well. Maybe you should come along, and let mama buy you some shoes, too?

Love you,


Annie said...

Can't turn that down! just tell me when.