Friday, July 29, 2005

Update on the frustration

Good news, sorta, on the frustration I had last week. I went to see Dr. G. and my hand pain was due to a irritated tendon that was flaring up. So I have to take it easy on that hand and make sure I rest it at night in my special flipper. I was just so glad to know that nothing had torn or ripped in there. I have found the past week that if i rest my hand at night and wear good enough supports during work hours, my hand feels tired, but ok and i can still use it. So for now we have a system that will work. Dr. G. also looked over the pain med program I've been using and we revised it a bit. I have to admit I'm wary of it still a little bit, but in the near week that I've been doing it I have to admit that it is a much better way to keep the pain under control and steady out the day. They put me on oxyxontin twice a day. It seems so hardcore to be on that everyday as a prescription, but it is working better than the vicodin as needed for pain. The vicodin and perocet only last for about 4 hours before the pain returns and it seems like it's always in the back of your mind that soon I'm going to need some more meds. So far with the new stuff, i don't have to think about that at all, it lasts for so long. Dr. G. said it is a slow release pain medication, and so it's better in that way and I can still take the vicodin when I get a ache that needs to go away, like at work sometimes with my hands, if i do a lot of folding or ironing. It just gives me another option for pain control.
I'm also continuing to drop the dosage of prednisone. I'm down to 18mg, and I'm going to be dropping to 17 in a few days. The Humira is starting to really do it's thing again. I gave myself a shot of it on Tuesday and wednesday I could feel the difference! It was a great feeling knowing that I'm back on track with these drug programs again! I'm so tempted to skip the 17mg of prednisone and go to 16mg. I'll have to mull that over a little bit. I do run the risk of having to go back up to 18 if i feel the effects of dropping too quickly.

Must sleep, gotta be up in a few hours for workie workie.

Many happy and loving thoughts,

Anne Let the sun shine on you and wrap you in warmth.

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Valorie Zimmerman said...

It is so great that it is all working together for you! I know that you didn't want to go on the oxycontin, but how great that you are in less pain, and are taking less pills.

And super on the pred taper, too!

Love you lots and lots,