Friday, July 15, 2005

New Mirror finally!

I finally got the correct mirror for my car to replace the one that got knocked off about 2 months ago. Now I just have to get someone a little stronger than I am to push in the little clippy part. I had it part way, but don't really feel comfortable driving too long with it just half on there. Jason said he'll get it on for me in the morning. It's nice to have that mirror again!!

Woke up late for work again today. Luckily for me we were pretty slow yesterday and tonight, so it was easy to go in late and be fine. I had a itch to get things in different work spaces organized, so i dusted in the glassroom and tidied my tea building supply area. I also put up little lables for the new glasses on the wine wall. The old ones were just starting to peel off and were outdated since the change of brands of stemware. Thinking of why I had the urge to tidy things was maybe because when i was stocking the retail hutch out in the salon, the center shelf on one side fell while I was putting out lotions. It was steadied on something below, and that gave me enough time to call the office for a little assistance in my little conundrum. Anna came down and held the shelf while I cleared the shit to find the peg to reinsert and resteady the shelf. Anyways, that gave me the opportunity to reorganize and put some things where i think they look better in my eyes, I wonder if any of it will be changed by the AM....

I've put the idea into my coworker buddies that we should have a cabin party sometime in August. Sounds like a lot of them would be interested in coming. So I'll talk with some people once we get the Aug scheduel out and I just wanted you to know that I am a giant dork. wait, me or you?---- Jason----- says hi and added a comment.

When I got home from work this afternoon I cooked dinner for myself. I got some onions chopped up and in the skillet, then added some meat to cook, then a few bits of carrot and added the sauce. After it got to a simmer i added some chopped mushrooms and added some basil and parsley from the garden on the patio. I let it simmer until the pasta was cooking. It was fun chopping stuff up and tasting and seasoning to try to get a good flavor. I've missed cooking so much. I watched the pre-game show for the M's/O's while I had my bowl of pasta and french bread. I wish I wouldn't have added the carrots to the sauce, it throws it off somehow, they just don't need to be in there and yet, they are.

As I am talking about cooking, when i was on the way home from picking Jason up from work, he told me that he took the kitchen aid to work... I want to make cookies, and i gotta do it at the rest. kitchen now. But I suppose it is HIS and he WILL have more use for it than I will with my 2 cookie craving days a month.

Arthritis UPDATE---
I've tapered down to 19 milligrams as of about 5 days ago. The first few days I was a little down and sleepy, even in a little more noticeable pain in the joints. But I've trying to be causious of my activity levels. I felt good today. The sun felt so great. I wanted to be a lizard and sleep out in the sun when i got home. From the forcast they are saying it will be nice for the next ten days or so. I will have my chances! The humeria I think is starting to make it's impact again too. I like the day after I take the shot and feel so much better, I guess i feel somehow lighter. Since I got up late this morning and was feeling rushed, I forgot the wrist supports that I've been using at work to take a little of the load. I was curious how I would feel this afternoon and I felt ok, I even did 2 and a half hours of ironing when I got done with dinner. I like to get paid to iron during baseball games, isn't life wonderful?!


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