Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just too tired to post tonight.

I worked and got off at 3 again today. I made it home in time for the baseball game and folded the entire game, which is fantastic because i can go home early again tomorrow! But it has worn me out for the second day in a row. I took extra prednisone tonight to try to curb the inflamation tomorrow. I took quite a lot of pain meds when i got home because of all the folding my hand was getting swollen. I've been drinking more water than usual, but if anyone that knows my water intake, it's probably still not enough. With the prednisone I know i need to keep the water intake high. On this note I think i will drink a glass of water and go to sleep. Gotta rise early and get to work so that i can get home and rest :)

Love anne

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