Sunday, April 23, 2006

Our new toy!

This past week Jason and I went to Costco and bought something that we have been drooling over for a long time, a HDTV Plasma TV. It is 50 inches of plasma goodness! We both couldn't be happier with it! We don't have the HD tv programing yet, but soon enough. Jason is thrilled with the biggness and beautiful picture that the X-Box 360 has now, so do the roommates. They have been playing Fight Night 3 a lot lately, which those of you who aren't into the gaming world is a boxing game. The graphics are pretty cool and it amazes me how good and real they are all getting. Anyways as I sit and watch it feels like it belongs in our living room and doesn't look out of place at all, in fact I forget that it is so large until I leave the house and come back hours later. You all should come and experience the HDTV sometime! Come meet our newest baby :) Pictures to follow.

(April 25th, 06-- Look up above for the pictures!)Posted by Picasa

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