Saturday, April 22, 2006

Second post of the new year, I'm on a ROLL, BABY!

Two posts in a matter of a few days must be some sort of record for me on this blog this year! okok so i just feel like playing with my computer and this is just as good as playing a game of spider solitaire. I was thinking on my way to work today that i don't think that i wrote at all about the trip that Jason and I took to Las Vegas this past February. We saw the Blue Man Group, which i must go into detail another time since it was such an amazing show, i recommend it to anyone who goes to Vegas and has a couple hours to spare. They do some very cool visual things and just plain ol silly things, but anyways, i will stir up my memories and jot them down soon.

I felt pretty good in the latter half of the day today. After i got off work i stopped by Rite Aid and got two presciptions filled. I hadn't ever gotten anything filled there before, but it's more convinient than the bartells up on Roosevelt, the Rite Aid is on 35th on my way home from work on 80th or 85th, so not too far no matter if i have to get a refill when i'm not on my way home from work. I like that store, it's nice and bright and they seem to have a lot of gardening stuff, i picked up a bigger watering can that i currently have so that when we have our container garden this summer it will be easier to get them their food. I'm a dork. Such a dork.

I've been enjoying the new HDTV plasma that we bought a lot. I came home from work and instead of going upstairs and falling asleep while laying in bed watching the game, i brought folding from the herbfarm home with the hope that i would stay awake and actually get some work done from home while watching the baseball game. It worked today! I got 3 full bundles of linens folded for the weekend and i think i will save the menu napkins for sunday and do some extra replacements tomorrow so that all of the linens are folded and i can get out of work early! I think i also could use it for tomorrow and bring home more for sunday and that way i am getting paid to watch baseball while folding, i could also do some ironing and try to get caught up with that too.

pills just kicked in, goodnight

love anne

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Valorie Zimmerman said...

Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!!! Anne is finally writing again. I've been checking daily here for months, it's so nice to see new stuff here! I never heard that you saw the Blue Men, that sounds so cool. New drugstore sounds good too. Close AND convenient sounds good. I'm hoping that between the baseball and the SUN, you'll be feeling good more consistently. :-)