Friday, April 28, 2006

Waiting for the pills to kick in so that I can sleep before work tomorrow. I did so much folding at home this week that i think that I want to get back in the habit so that i can skip out of work in the afternoon instead of early evening. I left today at just about 3:00 PM and it felt so good to be driving home and get home with a reasonable time to nap and relax. I hardly knew what to do with myself! I had all of the menu napkins done for the weekend as of yesterday and i had also gotten the replacement napkins for Thursdays dinner done ahead of time, so as soon as i got the dining room set all i had to as far as folding was the wash cloths for the guest restrooms. It was like the good ol days when i had nearly all of the folding done and all i had to do was the actual setting of the dinning room. I didn't get to work until 9:30 this morning and i still felt like i got a LOT done. I had the extra time that i would have spent on folding on organizing and helping out the messy pantry area. Our pantry steward that we recently hired pretty much walked out last Saturday night. She said that she felt "ill" and called the next day and said that she wasn't coming back. I don't think that she was a good fit, personally. She wasn't organized and wasn't very detail oriented, two things that are nearly a must for that position. We are busy this weekend as well, so i don't know who is going to fill in, but i suppose that i can do recieving and try to keep the glass room tidy for a while until we find a new person. Jihoon has been coming in a few times a week, and Carolyn has made a few appearances since she gave notice. It's so hard to keep good pantry people, well at least the backup pantry position. In the time that I've been working in the D.R. we have had two stable pantry people, Jess and Carolyn. Everyone else just seems to fade away or takes the position to try to get their foot in the door either for server or kitchen. I suppose that it would work in some cases, but not in the ones so far. I want my brother Thomas to start serving, i think he would be a great asset to the team, plus i could boss him around once a week on prep days! But seriously, the herbfarm needs a few good servers, seems like we have had a MAJOR dry spell in hiring the past year!! I wish that they could offer Thomas what he needed to come and be happy. Maybe Tom should just go back to school and work nights at the herbfarm?

My review has been set for Thursday at 1 PM. I don't really know what to expect from it. It seems like from June to November i was a rock star employee, then i got another infection and got really tired. I got grumpy, and i think that i got really frustrated at life and every day things. Since December i have been struggling and i don't know how that will effect my review. I should mention that, i suppose. We'll see.

I'm not sleepy, I'm not sleepy. I'm not sleepy. I want to be sleeping again! I picked up Jason from work, we drove Joe home to Northgate and came home so that Jason could play with our roommates on the 360 and the new HDTV. It's so funny how this fighting/boxing game is such a boy game. They are saying that it is the best game ever made and especially with the HD. They are all so into it. I laugh, i don't fully understand it, it looks like a regular game to me, but there is something special about Fight Night Round 3!!

I was watching QVC today and they had a 4 hour Gem Fest show on this afternoon. Most of the jewelry was ok, nothing i felt like i had to have until the last hour! There was a diamond circle pendent with a button white pearl set in the bottom of the circle. It was so pretty! It was also set in white gold, which is my favorite metal. It was a little pricey at about 175 bones, but it was soooo pretty. When i was jewelry shows i don't usually see pieces that i feel that i need to have, but i felt that i wanted that one. I know i can't give in to any of it because it will be all over when i start ordering jewelry from the shows. I'll turn into one of the ladies that call in and say that they have already ordered too much that day... I can't be affording to get myself into that!! And the last time i thought that i HAD to have it, i told Jason, he ordered it for me and when the fed ex package came the jewelry had been stolen out of the box and the empty little boxes left on our porch.... That made me very sad and i haven't been able to even think about getting another order. All i have actually ordered off the TVshows are parcels of loose gems, which are so much fun because you don't really know what you are going to get. The last parcel that i got it was guarenteed that you got a aquamarine, a sapphire, and a ruby. They were small, but i was happy, and I have another 100 carats to add to my collection. It was my Valentines Day present from my honey. I just need to get the case to store them in. I got some really nice stones that i want to make into pieces. Some big ones that would make beautiful pendents. Some matched stones that would be wonderful for ear rings, and some others that would be lovely as rings, i also have lots of little stones that i can use as accent stones. If i only knew where to go to get the castings and things for making it. It will be my newest hobby once my hands get stronger.

My poor little right hand is a little swollen from all of the folding that i have done the past few days. I also did some ironing on Monday for work. I'm nearly caught up with the ironing, but we are busy this weekend, which means i better do some ironing during the game on friday so that i don't get too backed up again. On that note i think i will stop writing about work because it means that i'm thinking too much about work and i don't wanna right now. So good night, gonna go play some sudoku!




Valorie Zimmerman said...

I love that you are writing regularly again! I think the sun is doing you some good. That really sucks about the stolen jewelry -- you didn't have to pay for that, right?

Annie said...

no, we will get our money back or a credit, depending on which company takes responsility.